The Money Tree...

Here’s a thing - at a garden centre today with my eldest son - I go for a mooch amongst the plants (as you do) - observing which plants I like and might like to take home with me - to kill, (eventually).

I come across a very attractive tree in a huge mother of a pot. It’s certainly a lovely tree - an acer I believe and it might be a nice thing to have delivered and professionally planted for us… We already have a very nice acer and they might go very well together.

Naturally, I spy the label and what do you imagine is the price for said tree?

Twenty five grand. 


For a tree! 

Who spends that kind of money on a tree?

We leave and naturally without the tree and as soon as I get home, what do you think I do? I water my acer tree of course. I have no idea what it is worth but I realise now that I can’t afford to lose it. Until now, my London home aside, I have never invested in anything that has ever appreciated in value. Buy high, sell low has been my investing mantra - which has served me very badly over the years apart from my acer tree. Who knew? And does anyone want to make me an offer?