Moving all goal posts...

Post Edinburgh, Nikki announces that she is now tee-total. 

A sombre and sober position for any family to consider.

I soldier on imbibing alone for a few days but then I concede too and decide that I will only consume alcohol outside of the house.

A BBQ then?

No, I mean, in a pub or restaurant or at someone else's house. 

Nikki concedes a little also, stating that her complete abstinence might shift a little but only ever for a very special occasion. 

Like today for instance - Sept 3rd, which happens to be Nikki's birthday - surely, a special enough occasion? But hang on, the plan is to cook and eat in tonight - as in, inside our house and this means...

As I type, the menu and the table is set - but plans for liver salvaging and longevity are being hastily redrafted!

If I post a blog tomorrow and it makes no sense or is just very poorly written, then you will know what was decided!