...a show-biz book like no other...

...a show-biz book like no other...


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Back in the day, Dominic Holland was a comedian with some serious comedy chops. Winning awards, a TV regular, novels published with movie deals... his comedic future looked dazzling. The Guardian called him an 'undiscovered star' and Bob Monkhouse crowned him 'The UK's funniest not yet famous comedian".

2017 and despite his best efforts, he is still ‘not yet...’

Meanwhile, a dad to four boys, the eldest of whom is Tom Holland, better known as Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man…

HOW and WHY did these things happen?

Written with real affection by a dad as much bemused as he is proud. Despite missing his own fame boat, Dominic Holland is a funny man and here he focuses all of his comic talents to tell this extraordinary story of father and son and their diverging lives.

Published originally as an ebook - here follows what readers have said about it…

  • One might think this is a selfish attempt to gain fame and fortune at the expense of his son. This is the not the case. Eclipsed is written with more brutal honesty and self-deprecating humour than can be expected from anyone with selfish intentions.

  • The author writes with pathos and pride but without pretension. The story is filled with warmth and humour. A wonderful read.

  • I loved this book as its funny, honest and heartfelt. My kind of book. Any parent could relate to this and at times it felt like I was reading the script of a movie. I hope you enjoy it, I did.

  • Dominic Holland bravely exposes his hopes and disappointments, his talents and his frailties in a story which is ultimately redemptive in its fearless honesty and open-hearted spirit. 'Eclipsed' is a bitter-sweet tale of great liveliness and warmth; above all, it is profoundly human.

  • Dominic's style is funny, candid, engaging and honest. The way Dominic describes the scenes and events is hilarious and at times I sat on the train laughing out loud.I recommend it to twenty first century parents.

  • I read this book in a day. What an incredible journey both father and son have been on. Dominic tells this compelling story with warmth, love and a whole load of wit.

How does a kid get to become Spider-Man?

Tom is constantly requested for interviews and is invariably asked, how does a kid get to become Spider-Man? All such interviews are now redundant. Eclipsed is 100,000 words with 70 photographs and is a comprehensive account of how a kid got spotted and managed to get through all of the tiny hoops that lead to Hollywood. 

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